Milton Keynes, UK, is one of the most desirable places to live in the UK. However, If you are thinking Moving to Milton Keynes you might be interested in knowing where the best areas are? We asked mums in our forum about the best places to live in and around Milton Keynes. Here’s what they said.


"We live in Haversham and love it. It's just on the edge, so it’s close enough to the centre and Tesco etc, but it’s a village with a lovely feel and a good community."

"I second Haversham, I grew up there and loved it, it’s the type of place I'd like to move back to one day. My parents still live there and have done for over 30 years! We're currently in Grange Farm and really like it here too, however, when we move we're going to be considering South Northants."

"We lived in Newton Leys for five years and loved it. There’s an amazing community spirit there and a great setting near the lake. We recently moved to Cranfield and love being in a village whilst having Kingston only 10 minutes away and Central Milton Keynes just 20 minutes away."

"We are in Broughton, kids go to school in Woburn Sands and I love the village/community feel."

"Olney is lovely."

"We moved out to Hanslope (which is just around the corner from Haversham) 6 months ago and just love it. We have such a quality of life as a family since we moved here. Everyone is friendly, the school is lovely and the kids can just run for miles in the fields. The park, pubs, sandwich shop and Chinese are all a lovely bonus too. I wouldn't live anywhere else now."

"We live in Wavendon Gate and it's absolutely fab and quiet. It has two primary schools and a secondary school within walking distance, as well as local shops nearby. It has massive fields and it is also close to the big supermarkets and the shopping centre."

"Great Holm, Loughton, Two Mile Ash are all great school catchment areas, and also nice areas to live in. I grew up in Shenley Brook End which was excellent and also has excellent schools nearby."

"Newton Leys is lovely, we're just on the outskirts and it's super quiet with a lovely lake. So close to Central Milton Keynes, Bletchley and Leighton Buzzard and we're getting our own shops next year."

Browns Wood is nice."

"Best thing to do is come up to Milton Keynes and have a look around. Everyone is going to say their area is best, but it is down to your own personal "feelings" on the area itself."

"It completely depends what you're after. My husband and I moved our family from south Manchester to the Milton Keynes area this summer. Initially we wanted to live in MK, preferably a new build, near a decent school and park. We wanted the convenience of supermarkets, coffee shops etc on our doorstep, as we did in Manchester. However, in the time between us selling our home in Manchester and being able to buy again, we stayed with family in Hanslope and put our son into Castlethorpe first school. We fell in love with the area and we decided completely against central MK living. We have also decided we want a house we can put our own stamp on (not a new build anymore) ideally we would love Castlethorpe as the school is amazing, have met some lovely mums at the school there, it's right on the doorstep of MK but countryside and animals every way you turn! We still think Milton Keynes is great but it's not what we want anymore as we didn't realise you could have such a lovely lifestyle on the doorstep of MK."

"I live in Wavendon, and I'm never moving out this area."

"I third Haversham."

"Newport Pagnell is the lovely town that I live in, with fantastic schools and a lovely high street."


"I have lived in MK all my life but the last 16 years have been in the South East corner (in Monkston, Browns Wood & Old Farm Park). I definitely have a soft spot for this side of MK."

"Broughton, good school catchment and a great sense of community."

"I'd recommend Olney, but it is a bit pricey!"

"We've just moved from MK to Buckingham, we love it! The schools are amazing, lovely having local small shops in town but only 15/20 mins from Milton Keynes."

"We moved down from Nottingham 3 years ago, we came down for the day with a map and drove round all the areas. We crossed the places we didn't like or weren't suitable. We also rented for six months so we could get a feel for areas. Good luck, Milton Keynes is a great place to live!"

"We love the west side, Tattenhoe, Westcroft , Oxley Park, the Shenleys - all lovely areas and good schools too. Not to mention lovely walks in Howe Park Woods, Shenley Woods and Emerson Valley."

"Racecourses in Bletchley is fab, great schools, close to CMK, bus routes, history and not to mention an amazing pre-school."

"I would consider if you think your priorities will change in future, and if you would move again? So if a lower school is important now focus on high school as you may not move once your children are in school."

"Deanshanger has the village feel with a great primary and secondary school. Quite a few children also go to the Royal Latin Grammar School in Buckingham, and there are also two private schools nearby. It is a 15-minute drive from Milton Keynes and five minutes from Stony Stratford. Buses run to MK via Stony, and Northampton."

"Newport Pagnell or Stony Stratford are beautiful places and not too far from the city, trouble free and friendly."

"Hartwell, it is a lovely village, ancient woodland on your door step (Salcey Forest), an Ofsted outstanding primary school, lovely pub, church, parish council with village events and only 15 minutes from MK. Best thing we ever did moving out of the city."
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