Milton Keynes is one of the new towns formally designated as a new town only on 23 January 1967. However, the area has a rich history with evidence of human settlement dating back to the 2nd millennium BC. The evidence of earlier human settlement on the site of today’s Milton Keynes were found before the construction works started in the 1960s. Most of the archaeological finds are housed in the Milton Keynes Museum (previously known as Stacey Hill Museum), while a few such as the Milton Keynes Hoard (two gold toros, three bracelets and a fragment of bronze wire dating to about 1,500-800 BC) can be seen in the British Museum in London.


Milton Keynes Museum:

Milton Keynes Museum is where History comes to life with amazing stories, brilliant re-creations, and displays you can touch and try out.

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Milton Keynes Museum


Visit Bletchley Park:

"Once Britain's Best-Kept Secret, today Bletchley Park is a unique heritage site and vibrant tourist attraction. Visitors can explore, experience and enjoy the top-secret world of iconic WW2 Codebreaking Huts and Blocks set within its atmospheric Victorian estate. Discover the secret world, now revealed!

A day at Bletchley Park includes an exciting, complimentary Multimedia Guide in order to explore the site at your own pace and in your own time. A family version of the Multimedia Guide is also available to help children learn about WW2 Codebreaking whilst having fun with puzzles and challenges. A one-hour, outdoor, walking guided tour is also available subject to availability.

Visitors can enjoy a full day at Bletchley Park with a tasty hot and cold menu available in Hut 4 café, a sandwich or cake in the Coffee Shop in the Visitor Centre, a playground where children can let off steam and a souvenir gift shop without which no visit is complete.

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A monumental day out @ Stowe:

"The scale and beauty of Stowe have attracted visitors for over 300 years. Picture-perfect views, winding paths, lakeside walks and temples create a timeless landscape, reflecting the changing seasons. Full of hidden meaning, the gardens were created as an earthly paradise, and still cast their spell today.

Your visit starts at the New Inn visitor centre outside the gardens. This fusion of modern and restored 18th-century buildings was where visitors of the past were welcomed to Stowe.

Stop by the light and airy café for delicious fresh food and the shop for unique products inspired by the gardens. The sheer size and space is perfect for those who love the outdoors and enjoy walking. A short walk or a ride in a buggy from New Inn takes you into the gardens, where another world awaits."

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